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askrichiebrook: also~ ☹

[text: Jim  Richard]: Can I leave the house once, just once, without you getting yourself hurt? How hard is it for you to sit still?

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jamesmoriartylives: ☠ !? ☂ ✘
[SMS: Jim][October 27th] Were you at the studio last night? 
[SMS: Jim][October 27th] Susan said she saw me there, but I clearly wasn’t, as I was at your meeting. ☠
[SMS: Jim][October 27th] You told her to what!? ☂
[SMS: Jim][October 27th] You need to call me. This has got to stop.
[SMS: Jim][October 27th] You can’t control my life anymore, Jim. You just can’t.
[SMS: Jim][October 27th] What the hell am I supposed to tell her!?
[SMS: Jenn][November 7th] I had a wonderful time last night. Hope we can do it again soon. xxxx :) 
[SMS: Jim] [December 9th, 2009] Only a few more hours until opening night! I can’t believe it’s so soon! 
[SMS: Jim][December 9th, 2009] I’ve just been informed that we’ve sold out. Can you believe it? Me, starring in a sold out show! 
[SMS: Jim][December 9th, 2009] Your tickets are at the box office, in case you decide to come. Hoping you do. :) !? 
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Text messages from my muse to your muse.


☠- for an angry text

?- for a confused text

!?- for an excited text

➳- for a fearful text

✉- for a normal text

☂- for a “are you serious?” text

✌- for a happy text

✘- for a text that was meant for someone else

ツ- for an envious text

✿- for a gossipy text

❤- for a heartfelt text

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Send me a ☹ and my muse will say something hurtful to yours.
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[SMS]: Are you awake?
[SMS]: The studio doesn’t need me today, apparently.
[SMS]: I was thinking I’d pick up some breakfast on the way back to the flat.

[SMS]: breakfast /? [delayed]

[SMS]: Yeah. I made a stop by the library as well.
[SMS]: Are you hungry?

[SMS]: you can see the stars better in the countryside

[SMS]: What? Is everything okay? 
[SMS]: You’re at the flat, yes?

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Lion Man

It really shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise. There wasn’t one thing that Richard owned that Jim did not, or could not have as his own, and Severin - he could hardly go a week without mentioning the importance of sex (fucking, as he called it). But he was meant to be different. He was his and his alone, even if Jim was the one passing the pay check along. He was his friend, his confidant, and yet somehow more.

His fingers tremble, reaching for the remote, but not quite getting there. It was like the air had been sucked from his lungs, heartbeats stolen and forced to play in slow, hard thumps. Was that a knock at the door? The thought is pushed aside, legs lifting from the floor and hugging tight to his chest. 

How could he have given someone so much power over him? Or better yet, how could someone make him feel so alive, and then suddenly, so deafeningly alone? This was worse than living with his brother, he’d decided. He expected this from Jim, but who was this lion man really? Who was he to march into Richard’s life with that stupid Russian accent, acting as though he cared so terribly much?

Severin appears in the doorway, and chest stinging, Richard prepares to tell him every mean, nasty thing he’d been saving for this moment. His mouth opens, but again, the air is sucked away. No matter how hard he tries to form the words, they get stuck at his throat, grabbing his neck and choking him tight. He can’t do it.

“You’re not supposed to be home.”

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Oh, hello there! My name's Richard, but you might know me as The Storyteller! If you're interested in booking me for your child's next birthday party, please contact my agent at Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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Mun Notes: Please read my "about" section for information on my version of Richard Brook. Though I do mention headcanons that are Post-Reichenbach, this is a Pre-Reichenbach Richard Brook. Richard Brook is not Jim Moriarty. I track the tag bbcthestoryteller. Mun and muse are of age.

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