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Hello my Lovelies and welcome to all the new ones as well , i seriously can’t believe you have done me the honor of following me , and i wonder how long it will take you to realize your mistake . ( hehehehehhehehe you are doomed ……joking ……)

But before you do all realize your Mistake and disappear i would like to thank you all for being just SO AWESOME or as Arthur likes to say          ” BRILLIANT .”

Now to Start off this Follow forever ……

sherlockisdefinitelyagirlsname / notchinny

My beautiful darling you are an amazing Sherlock and don’t you ever forget that and you know i will wait for however long you need me too , because you are my Sherlock and i love you Darling ( psst what did you want for your birthday again , would a kidlock fanfic be good enough for you ?)

 mollyinthespidersweb  / innocentmoriartytwin

My Sister through and through , i love to talk to you and love that you let me moan and groan about things  , I truly love you sis , don’t ever ever forget that and you are MY SENPAI .

Molly is the most awesome ” Sis ” That my Molly could ever have and Richard , oh don’t get me started with Richard ,  I think Molly may be in Love with him eeekk that does not happen very often ….


OH DARLING HOW I LOVE YOU . Seriously if Molly ever decided to go off men forever , you would be the only woman for her and i mean that with all my heart . Scarlet is the only woman for her , as long as you are willing to keep Molly . ( Pssst can i keep you ? )


I don’t think i could ask for a more awesome Sebastian or friend , miss you when we don’t have time to chat ( mainly my fault , sorry ) but you are truly a amazing person and friend to all your friends ( im sure they will agree with me on this ) Don’t ever change , i love you just the way you are ( I just went billy joel on your ass ) 


OH Darling how i miss you when we are not torturing people for fun , torturing is only ever that fun with you , hehehehehehehhe ( I love going Dark Molly on people ) You ARE AN AMAZING MORIARTY  and PERSON and no matter what people ever say to you , you need to remember that because that is the truth , The world is better knowing you my dear .


Best Mary i have had the privilege to meet and rp with ( i apologise for how grumpy Molly has been recently in our threads )  but you are awesome and i adore you and wish that , welll i hope that we will always at least in some little way know each other .


wingcommanderarthurshappey / pippinxtook

I Just have a few words to say and that is that  YOU , ARE , BRILLIANT . And Molly loves you guys , you are just too cool for school .


You my Darling are just TOOOO AWESOME , for words , you are such an amazing writer and i love rping with you , even though we are both so busy , you are amazing darling and thank you for being there when i needed help :D

( and one tiny extra cos you are new but oh so awesome ) 

theaxmydoctxr - You are just so so BRILLIANT and have amazing taste in music , Molly is threatening me with listening to Johnny Cash non stop now but do you know what IM LOVING IT .

NOW  for the people i adore / stalk / would never stop following even if my life depended on it ( okay if my life depended on it but you get the picture ) 

In Alphabetical order 


adventures-of-sherloaf , allthebellsinvenice , alwaysandnevercounted , artbylexie , askthemagiccouncil

B - D

bbcthestoryteller ,  childofbrilliance , conchepcion , criminal-royalty , daemonaraneae , derekmatthewkane , diglestrade , doctorjohnnywatson , dontyouwantmeonthefloortoo 

E - G

eastw-ind , fandomrper , fuckyeahsherlolly , gallifreylegacy , grimfairytalevillain , gun-hand-moran 

H - J

headmistresssonglunauniversity , hippano , hopelessromantichippy , insanegeniusjim , jamesfuckingmoriarty , jenmoriartyx , jennytimelady , joanwatsonwearsjumpers

K - M

king-of-napoleon-crime , liathwen-slays-dragons, miz-joely , moaning-in-the-morgue ( aheem looks around innocently ) , mollyscarlethooper , msiadler , mslestat76 , mynameisnotshezza

N - Q

oswaldfortheoswin , petratodd , prettygrimmfairytales , queenbrealey , queenof—scotlandyard

R - U

raggedymanonacloud , sadistsherlock , sergeantsally , sherlock-the-busy-little-bee , shockingblankets , snipersniperburningbright , stbartsveteran , steampunkedsherlock , thedynamicasteroid , theneuroticcaptain 

V - Z

villain-lover , wetislandinthenorthatlantic , wholockedcumberwumber , writingwife83 , xsherlockxholmes

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT , i have more than likely missed people and i apologise for this  , love you all my Darling Followers .

Now i must dash  so 


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I am always wanting to write Rated R material threads but I’m never sure of who would be comfortable doing so. Can roleplayers please reblog this post if you are fully comfortable writing mature subjects in your threads? { Blood, Gore, Rape, Murder, Alcohol and drug use, Hack&Slash etc. } I’d like to find out by this post who IS comfortable with these types of roleplays rather than making someone uncomfortable just by asking. Thank you!

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"To be fair, I don’t know much about children nor acting, but I never knew you thought of it like that. I’m not one to tell you not to pursue your dream career, though. Look at me. I went from Colonel to criminal, so."

"It’s not like I don’t enjoy what I do. I love making kids happy, it’s 
just that- God, I don’t know..”


"It’s like I’m not going anywhere. Like this is never going to turn
into anything bigger, and while the children enjoy it, everyone else
just…,” he pauses, gulping, “I feel like they’re laughing at me.”

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"I think-"


"I think I’m done with being The Storyteller."

"Why the sudden career switch, hm? What happened?"


"It all seems kind of silly, doesn’t it?"

"I mean, you don’t exactly see anyone on children’s programming being
referred to as acting talent. I feel..stupid, like this whole thing is
just some kind of joke. Like I’m some kind of joke.”

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"I think-"

"I think I’m done with being The Storyteller."

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Kate Rockland, Falling Is Like This

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bbcthestoryteller: Yes hello would you like a single raisin or maybe some sprite to mix with that $10 bottle of wine?



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Oh, hello there! My name's Richard, but you might know me as The Storyteller! If you're interested in booking me for your child's next birthday party, please contact my agent at Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Contact Info
The Mountford Agency
5 Cranston Hill, London W1A 9CM
Telephone: 020 7946 0749
Fax: 020 7946 0750 Email:

Mun Notes: Please read my "about" section for information on my version of Richard Brook. Though I do mention headcanons that are Post-Reichenbach, this is a Pre-Reichenbach Richard Brook. Richard Brook is not Jim Moriarty. I track the tag bbcthestoryteller. Mun and muse are of age.

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