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thebloodylionmoran: [SMS: Richard] [2:05AM]: Headed back home now, you going to fare alright til I get back?

[SMS: Severin] [11:25PM]: No. You’re going to need to teleport here pronto, as in before I do something drastic, like leave the kettle on too long. 

[SMS: Severin] [11:26PM]: Yeah, I’ll be fine. What time will you be getting in?

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Everything okay?

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jimmyinwestwood: [MSG]:How serious is it between you two?

[SMS: Jim]: Between me and who?

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[SMS: Severin][1:43AM]: He’s a cat! It’s not like the bow is gonna bother him any.
[SMS: Severin][1:45AM]: D’yavol and I are going to start getting ready for bed. You should probably do the same.

[SMS:Richard][4:45AM]: I’m headed to bed—keep the devil away from my clothes!

[SMS: Richard][4:45AM]: Good night

[SMS: Severin][1:48AM]: Goodnight, Sev. :) 
[SMS: Severin][1:49AM]: D’yavol says goodnight too. 

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Green-Eyed Monster



[SMS: Severin]: What?

[SMS: Severin]: I’m sorry, Severin. I was being an asshole. You’re allowed to go out with your friends.
[SMS: Severin]: Please, just come home.
[SMS: Severin]: Please..

[SMS: Richard]: No, no, apparently my entire fucking life has to revolve around you
[SMS: Richard]: It’s not enough that my literal fucking job is to spend time with you
[SMS: Richard]: Now spending even a night out is TOO MUCH.

[SMS: Severin]: I guess I kind of..forgot that it was your job.
[SMS: Severin]: I’m really, really sorry.
[SMS: Severin]: I’ll leave you alone. Have fun with your friends, and try not to let my stupidity ruin your night. 
[SMS: Severin]: I’m sorry. Again.

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Oh, hello there! My name's Richard, but you might know me as The Storyteller! If you're interested in booking me for your child's next birthday party, please contact my agent at Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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Mun Notes: Please read my "about" section for information on my version of Richard Brook. Though I do mention headcanons that are Post-Reichenbach, this is a Pre-Reichenbach Richard Brook. Richard Brook is not Jim Moriarty. I track the tag bbcthestoryteller. Mun and muse are of age.

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